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In this short movie, you will find out why MarQuip is so success full in designing and delivering under water exhaust systems for main engines and is recognised as a specialist for green exhausts.


Modular exhaust refits by MarQuip

Exhaust refits by MarQuip

Compared to new builds, refits need a different approach.

Especially with exhaust refits it is very important to start the refit with a professional planning. By taking this approach you can safe your company considerable time and money.

Based on our experience in designing and delivering all kinds of exhaust refits, we have come up with three tips that could be vital to your exhaust refit success.

1. Be early
It is imperative to contact us well in time before the yacht arrives at the yard.Our engineers are very creative in finding space for all the new components.

To make all components fit properly and to deliver all components just on time, we need all required information as soon as possible.
On average the lead time of a complete exhaust refit will be approximately 24 weeks.

2. Get as much info as possible
For us to design the optimal exhaust system we would like to have the engine room as build drawing if available.

We also need all engine output data as extensive as possible.

If the refit includes an exhaust that will exit under the water line of the yacht, we also need a drawing of the wave patterns of the yacht at different speeds.

3. Check your data
Over time, a lot can change in a super yacht.
Unfortunately not every change that has been made is always recorded properly.

Therefore we recommend to check all data available on accuracy. 

Below you can download the pdf on slideshareRefits by MarQuip.
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Green exhausts for super yachts.

Along with a changing climate, the demand for green yachts is on the rise.

More and more authorities are rejecting “ dirty” yachts out of there harbours. They prefer yachts that will not pollute the water and air in the harbour.

Yacht owners on the other hand are also becoming more and more aware of the advantages of having a so called “green” yacht.
MarQuip, well known for delivering exhaust systems to over 125 Super yachts so far, is an expert on designing green exhaust systems.

Designing a green exhaust system can be quite a challenge.
Next to cleaning the exhaust gas there are a lot of other points
that have to be taken into account for engineering an efficient exhaust system.

Noise attenuation, cooling the exhaust gas, maximum back pressure values and available space are all very important parameters.
own solution and take a bite out of the available space and budget.

If you are looking for an optimal green exhaust system, it is in our
opinion wise to go to a professional exhaust system supplier with experience in green exhaust systems. 
If you want, you can download the presentation below on slideshareGreen exhausts by MarQuip
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Key Reasons for choosing MarQuip

1. One stop shopping
When you do business with MarQuip, we can take care of the complete delivery of your custom build exhaust system.
We start from the engine flange and stop at the outlet of the exhaust on the hull. The scoop of the under water outlet can also be delivered to you.

Next to our highly efficient silencers and water injection pieces, we can also deliver compensators, bellows, all piping, valves, water separators, mounting materials and green exhaust solutions.

All parts can be delivered within class rules.

By having one company fully responsible for the complete delivery of the exhaust system, exhaust, you safe considerable time and money on your total buying costs.

You will have one supplier that is fully responsible for the complete exhaust system.

2. Free up your engineers
Designing an exhaust system is a combination of theory and experience. There are a lot of points to take into consideration.
Next to silence, you also have to take into account back pressure, temperature, class rules and the available space in the engine room for instance.

By making use of our vast experience of designing complete exhaust systems, you can free up your engineers for your core competence.

3. 100% Guaranteed results
Due to our proven track record of complete exhaust systems on over 150 super yachts, you can have an exhaust system that comes with a 100% guarantee on its performance.

For under water exhausts we make use of a scoop that is an integrated part of the back pressure calculation.

By making use of our expertise you can eliminate trial and error and save considerable time and money. 

Below you can download the brochure on slideshare.
Key reason for choosing MarQuip
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